Recent Projects

Ash Farm. Lincolnshire

Farm diversification is one way by which a growing number of Farmers now augment their incomes. Farm buildings no longer required for agricultural use, because of their age and design can generate additional income by finding an alternative use. Ash Farm set in the Lincolnshire Wolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is one such example.

A previous application to convert an existing barn complex to holiday accommodation has been refused by the Local Planning Authority.

The owners Contacted simon associates for help and we were subsequently instructed to obtain the required permissions. After lengthy negations with the Local Planning Authority Simon associates secured Full Planning Approval to the proposals for conversation of the barns in accordance with the Owners Requirements.

In securing this permission simon associates has to overcome the Authority's concerns relating to the location within an AONB. Protected species of Flora and Fauna and a Saxon Archaeological site.

Willow Wharf Farm

Mr. & Mrs. Rawlings purchased Willow Wharf Farm to establish a poultry business producing Organic Free Range Eggs. They were advised by the Local Planning Authority that planning permission would be required despite the existing agricultural use of the land. A subsequent application by the Rawling's was refused followed by the threat of Enforcement Action.

A somewhat worried Mr. Rawlings contacted simon associates and the matter was quickly resolved allowing Mr. Rawlings to continue with his poultry enterprise without future interference by the Authority.

Happy Girlie Hens are now producing exceptionally fine Organic Free Range Eggs at Willow Farm.


Sand Beck Fields Farm, Nr. Richmond, North Yorkshire

A New Farming enterprise on the outskirts of Richmond overlooking the village of Hudswell in a designated area of valued landscape. The elevated site and the absence of an existing buildings ensured the application attracted attention of a wide audience including local conservation groups in addition to the detailed scrutiny of the Richmondshire District Council planning department.

The proposal submitted by simon associates took into account the natural features of the site, fall of the land and design parameters complimentary to the location. A full appraisal of the enterprise justifying the requirements and size of the development completed the application documentation. The application secured full planning permission for the development.


May Farm, Butts Green, Essex

The owner of May Farm has constructed a new building to house additional livestock without obtaining planning permission and wished to erect a further building to store Feedstuffs and Agricultural Machinery.

The Local Planning Authority was threatening enforcement action against the recently completed livestock building and was not favourably disposed to further development on the site which lay within the green belt.

Simon associates took the case and submitted a retrospective application for the livestock building plus a further application for full planning permission regarding the proposed agricultural store.

The LPA approved the retrospective application but refused the application for the proposed storage building on the grounds that :-

“the agricultural need for the building was not sufficient to warrant the significant harm that would be caused to the rural character of the area and the further encroachment into the green belt.”

Simon Associates successfully appealed against the LPA decision, the inspector granting unconditional approval for the proposed building.

The owner of May Farm was therefore able to retain the livestock building free from any further enforcement action by the LPA and proceed with the construction of their additional building with the benefit of full planning permission.


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